Sneak Peek for Judy ~ Nebraksa Lifestyle Photographer

Judy is a saint for being the best mom to 3 of the most energetic little boys in the world!!



Jill & Jeremy ~ Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer

Here’s a little sneak peak for Jill and Jeremy. 2 fabulous friends from Nebraska.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shelly & Brian ~ Omaha Nebraska Wedding Photographer

An itty bitty sneak peak for Shelly and Brian.


Mila & Micah ~ Omaha Nebraska Family Photography

I LOVE this family. Love love them. Teri and Cory both went to HS with Seth and I have been doing their photos since Teri was pregnant with Mila. I was a little nervous for this photo session since last summer’s session was so amazing I just couldn’t imagine anything topping it. Well, somehow we found a way!! The weather was great and the light was beautiful.
Teri and Cori are such great parents and they are always hugging and loving on their kiddos. They are all so happy and energetic that it makes my job so easy to just stand back and capture them being themselves.


This one was taken .0003 seconds before they were both sprawled out on the ground.

I love happy people!



Jase ~ Omaha Nebraska Photographer

My friend Danielle’s little boy Jase. Looking as cute as ever. I love his hair!



And big brother Jake

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kyra & Muryn ~ Nebraska Lifestyle Family Photographer

One of my priorities during my trip to Nebraska was to photograph my friends Marci and Nacho and their beautiful little girls. Marci and Nacho own the Double Down Bar and Grill that I used to work at part-time when I was living in NE and they quickly became some of my dear friends. Nacho is in the Army Reserves and recieved notice of his deployment around the time that I was moving back to Maryland. He was sent to Kuwait for a year and was away from his family for 15 months total including training. It was so painful for both him and his girls to be away from each other for so long and I couldn’t wait to be able to capture their relationship now that he is safely returned.Kyra made a sand heartNacho and Marci are getting ready to open a new bar down the road on an old riverboat. Since it was still empty we went down and checked it out for a few photos.

Marci and Nacho are hot hot hot!


Muryn once again safely tucked in daddy’s arms





It was great to see you while I was in town and I can’t wait to see you all again!

Eryn ~ Annapolis Maryland Photographer

My friend Erin was in town from Reno for a few days and so I of course had to get some photos of her while she was around. She’s a fabulous model!
I LOVE this first one!
We saw this barn from the road far back at the end of a huge field. So we drove around until we could find a way up to it. It was exactly what we were looking for.

We got this afghan from a thrift store and I have always loved it. I have brought it to many photo shoots and never ended up using it. It was just perfect for today.



Adrienne & Kenny ~ Salisbury Maryland Wedding Photographer

Adrienne & Kenny were married May 16th in Salisbury MD. The weatherman called for yucky weather and I even drove through some rain on my drive to the eastern shore. However the weather gods were smiling on me this day and the weather cleared up completely in time for the ceremony. Fabulous!!

Cutie patootie flower girl.

Love this shot of Adrienne and her momma getting ready. I love laughs!




Adrienne greeting her little man after the ceremony.

What a great wedding party.



Adrienne and Kenny had a candy bar for their favors so we incorporated it in their rings shot.


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Family of 5 ~ Omaha Nebraska Photographer

A few weeks ago I headed out to Nebraska to shoot a couple weddings and was able to schedule a few photo appts during the trip as well.

This family was first up on my itinerary and it was a great way to start out the week. We had a beautiful day in Omaha and walked around the Gene Leahy Mall downtown.





Then we had some fun with the slides

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Sara and Steve ~ Severna Park Maternity Photography

I can hardly believe that my baby sister is having a baby. I’m beyond excited to be an aunt that I can barely even stand it. Since my sister could be having this little bundle pretty much any time now we made sure to get a few fun maternity photos while we still could . We headed out yesterday to Kinder Park which I just love to shoot at and walked through the fields getting some images of Sara and her hubby Steve.

We don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy but I’m thinking girl. What do you think?

So cute!



Sara, you absolutely glow and I can’t wait to meet baby!!

Jackson’s Smile Featured Artist

Jackson’s smile wasn’t free like most little boys.He was born with a rare syndrome called “Simpson Golabi Behmel” as well as a cleft lip and palate.

His smile has cost hundreds of thousands of dollars thus far. Jackson has already had two major surgeries in just his first year of life. His parents, Daniel and Halle, are doing all they can to provide Jackson with a healthy life. Without insurance and financial gifts from others, Jackson’s medical expenses would total close to one million dollars by now, just so he can eat, drink, and smile. Simple gifts that most of us take too much for granted.

Jackson’s Smile is a coalition of photographic artists dedicated to giving baby Jackson and others like him some of our most precious resources; our time, our money, and our talent.So I want to thank the amazing Cameron Ingalls for allowing me to take part in this and be sure to check out my gallery as well as the other incredible photographic artists involved to help a little boy and to get some amazing photographic art for your walls.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Ava and Zachary ~ Edgewater MD Lifestyle Photographer

The last time I was with Ava and her family they were expecting a new little baby boy. Just a few weeks ago they welcomed that little baby boy into their family. He is absolutly precious and I was so happy to be able to document the relationship between him and first time big sister Ava.
While baby Zachary was getting camera ready Ava and I took a trip outside to stop and smell the roses.


Back inside Ava switched into big sister mode.

Their kitty always makes it into the photo shoots and this visit was no exception.












Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Kim & Kurt ~ Eastern Shore Maryland Wedding Photographer

Meet Kim. Kim was my college roommate and I was honored to be able to photograph her big day as she married her best friend.

It was a beautiful, intimate day of love and laughs. The wedding and reception took place on Kim’s parents property and it was so fun to explore around for photo ops.

Kim looking beautiful before the ceremony.

urt and a horse before the ceremony.


Kurt and his son Kurty and their dog Leia

I love this one!


Some tender shots during the ceremony. I love outdoor weddings because I can get closer.

and better angles

New family high five!


Kim’s parents have a beautiful piece of property that was great for fun photos. We took a couple golf carts out and just zipped all over the place finding interesting sites to shoot at. It was such a blast to have plenty of time to explore and get creative.




Courtesy of Seth. I can always count on him to get fun shots of me doing what I do.




My new favorite ring shot on the clothes line


the cake fight was great!


Thanks for letting me be a part of your big day. Kim you looked every bit as beautiful as I thought you would look. I wish you lots of love for you and your new family.

Just 1 for now

QC: Thiet Ke Quan CafeThiet Ke Quan Tra Sua

So this holiday season was super crazy and I wasn’t able to blog for the LONGEST time. I’m finally able to see the light at the end of the tunnel and believe me I have tons of photos from portrait sessions and weddings that I am going to post but for now here is one image that really caught my eye while I was editting a recent wedding. A beautiful and emotional mother of the groom.


What are you thankful for?

On Sunday afternoon I met this awesome family in Downtown Annapolis for a fun family photo shoot and they seriously rocked my face off!!! They put up with a super cold day as well as all the crazy ideas that I had with a huge smile on their faces and I love them for it. Here’s a little sneak peak of my favorite shot of the day.

Cindy & Dave ~ Sneak Peek

her life Dave. Enjoy this sneak preview of their wedding.


Lots of love to you both.